About CAAC
As the ever first national association of advertising industry, China Advertising Association of Commerce was founded in 1981 and successively named as China Advertising Association of Foreign Economy and Trade, abbreviated as CAAFET and China Advertising Association of Foreign Trade, abbreviated as CAAFT. In September 2005, with the restructuring of the governmental organizations and approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Advertising Association of Foreign Trade officially changed its name into China Advertising Association of Commerce, CAAC in short.
Name in Chinese: 中国商务广告协会
Name in English: China Advertising Association of Commerce
Abbreviation: CAAC
Date of foundation: August 21st, 1981
Original Name: China Advertising Association of Foreign Economy and Trade
Function: to carry on cultural classics, to create brand value, to help increase consumption, to communicate commonweal and charity
发展历史 | The History
1981 – 1993
1979年,伴随着改革开放的春风,中国当代广告业迅速兴起,中国对外贸易广告首当其冲。我国投入出口商品广告宣传费十年间增长了十多倍;有外贸广告经营权的广告公司也从仅有1家发展到近50家。在这种大背景下,中国第一个全国性广告行业组织 --- 中国对外贸易广告协会(简称外广协,今中国商务广告协会)诞生。这一时期,外广协的主要任务是服务于出口贸易,推动生产,加强商品的对外广告宣传,并为此不断加强理论和实务建设。这期间,为了让世界经济贸易界、广告界了解中国,让中国了解世界,发挥广告在促进经济发展中的作用,外广协与英国《南方》杂志于1987年6月16-20日在北京人民大会堂共同举办了“第三世界广告大会”,这是中外广告人共同谱写的重要历史事件,大会受到国内外各界的广泛关注,中国国家主席李先念接见了全体中外代表。
Starting from the year of 1979, the China contemporary advertising industry grew up rapidly with the reform and opening of the China market. The advertising growth of China foreign trade boomed up out of the norm. During these 10 years, the advertising cost China spent on its export commodities increased by ten times than that of the previous 10 years. The number of agencies qualified to do advertising for foreign trade also increased from 1 to nearly 50. Under this kind of circumstances, the former entity of today’s China Advertising Association of Commerce, China Advertising Association of Foreign Economy and Trade was born as the first national association of advertising industry. In this stage, the main task for the Association was to serve the trade of export, to help increase production and to enhance the advertising for export goods and meanwhile, to continuously build up and consolidate the advertising industry from both theoretical and practical aspects. During this period of time, in order to make China known in the global circle of economy, trade and advertising, and to have China get to know the world, moreover, to strengthen the advertising role in the economy development, CAAFT jointly held the Third World Advertising Congress together with South Magazine at the Great Hall of People in June 16 - 20, 1987 in Beijing. This was an important historical event made by the Chinese and the world advertising men. The congress attracted vast attention of its peer from both domestic and worldwide. Li Xiannian, the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, received all delegates from both domestic and abroad.
1994 – 2004
In this decade, China advertising industry entered the stage of stable development. The Advertising Law was officially put into effect. Local enterprises and consumers obtained more marketing sense and brand perceptions. The creativity and communication of advertising moved towards thriving and matured. Foreign investments into China market began to speed up. In 1994, CAAFT initially held the exhibition on New Media, New Technology, New Equipment and New Materials of International Advertising. In 1995, together with the Communication University of China (previously named Beijing Broadcasting Institute), CAAFT released the first yearbook on the urban consumer behavior and life style which is named “1995 IMI Yearbook on Consumer Behavior and Lifestyle”. In 1996, CAAFT introduced “The Night of The Ad Eaters” for the first time. In 1997, CAAFT bought out the exclusive right of “Adverting Age” to China. In 2004, jointly with the Communication University of China (Beijing Broadcasting Institute) and IAI (International Adverting Institute), CAAFT edited and published the historical literature “The Accelerated Growth of China Advertising History 1979 – 2003” and “The China Marketing in 25 Years” in both Chinese and English versions.
2005 – 2015
With the restructuring of governmental organizations, CAAFT changed its name into China Advertising Association of Commerce under the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its business focus during these years was to assist the MOC and help the local enterprise on brand building. In December 2005, supported by MOC and driven by CAAC, also with the active effort by the affluent in the industry, The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (China 4A) was born as the high end industrial organization. It was composed of the joint venture agencies, foreign agencies and local comprehensive ad agencies who believe in “First class of service, First class of innovation, First class of capability, First class of credit”. China 4A is the first subordinate branch of CAAC. It lives to raise up the position and improve the public image of the entire China advertising industry. Secondly, it lives to bring up advertising talents for the field. Thirdly, it lives to standardize the industrial practice and strengthen self-discipline. Finally, it lives to enhance the economy development.

2016 – 2021
On January 28, 2016, the 10th council of CAAC was elected. In line with the original intention of "contributing to the development of China's advertising industry", CAAC actively carry out the sorting and rectification of various internal work of the association, establish and improve various rules and regulations, clarify the mission of the association, and create a professional, learning, and innovative organization to serve members. The association adheres to integrity and innovation, and takes "Professionalism, Innovation, Unity, Integrity, and Law-abiding" as the behavior standard. We promote the professional, elite, high-end and international development of China 4A; guide the Digital Marketing Committee to develop in the direction of specialization, standardization and function; leading the organization of entrepreneurs, experts and scholars in the advertising industry, and successively established the Content Marketing Committee, the Brand Development Strategy Committee, the We-Media Committee, the IP Ecology Commerce Committee, the SME Digital Promotion Committee, the Business Innovation Committee, the Creativity Industry Committee, the Commerce Design Force Committee, the Education & Training Committee, the Self-Discipline Committee, the Legal Working Committee, etc. We cooperate with international advertising organizations such as ADFEST, AWA, D&AD, and have organized international visiting activities for the members. By holding various domestic professional forums and training to keep learning, CAAC has become a learning-oriented association initially. 

The 11th Council of CAAC was elected on December 21, 2021. The new leadership will contribute to the high-quality development and construction for China's advertising industry with the consistent down-to-earth work purpose.
宗旨和任务 | The Mission
The mission given to CAAC is stated as: to abide by the law, regulations, policies and social morality, to define and standardize industry practice and to strengthen self-discipline, to stick on profession, elite and global vision in its positioning, to upgrade the level of cultural cultivation and expertise service of the entire field, to establish a good social image of the ad industry, to set up a platform of learning, communication and mutual assistance, to push forward the China advertising industry, to improve and lift up the position and influence of the ad industry in the national development strategies, to hear the members, to represent and protect the members’ due rights and interests, to carry on cultural classics, to create brand value, to help increase consumption, to communicate commonweal and charity, to be active in organizing and hosting local and international activities on cultural, branding, advertising and marketing in various kinds such as theoretical and practical study, exchange and training programs, exhibitions and displays, to promote and share new ideas, experiences and new techniques, to advocate independent innovation and to optimize the self-discipline of the industry.
展望未来 | The Future
To abide by “The master plan for disconnecting the industry association and chamber of commerce from the administrative organ”, CAAC will gradually transform to a national association that is legally established, self-dependent, service driven, properly managed and self-disciplined. CAAC will bring in new practice in its management and operations, stimulate the inner vigor and motive to move forward, upgrade its service function for the industry and give full play to its unique strength and due function in the new state of the economy development.
组织机构 | The Organization
中国商务广告协会第十一届理事会 | The 11th Council of CAAC
President: Li Xisha
Vice President: Ding Junjie, Ma Xiaobo, Wang Qimin, Wang Jianchao, Liu Yang, Qu Weihai, Du Li,
Li Li, Chen Xubin, Zheng Xiaodong, Tu Yafang, Huang Xiaochuan, Zeng Yi
Vice President&Secretary-General: Wang Xin
Appointed Vice President: TB Song, Hu Jiping, Gao Jun, Tomaz Mok
二级分支机构 | Subordinate Branches
• 综合代理专业委员会(4A) The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of China (China 4A)
• 数字营销专业委员会 Digital Marketing Committee
• 内容营销专业委员会 Content Marketing Committee
• IP生态商业工作委员会 IP Ecology Commerce Committee
• 广告制作与展示专业委员会 Advertising Production & Display Committee
• 非遗及老字号传承推动工作委员会 Intangible Cultural Heritage and Time-honored Brand Promotion Committee
• 智能大屏营销工作委员会 Smart TV Marketing Committee
• 汽车营销研究工作委员会 Automotive Marketing Research Committee
• 电商及效果营销研究工作委员会 E-commerce and Effect Marketing Research Committee
• AI营销应用工作委员会 AI Marketing Application Committee
• 品牌出海生态工作委员会 Brand Going Overseas & Ecological Service Committee
• 设计力工作委员会 Commerce Design Force Committee
• 中小企业数字化推进工作委员会 SME Digital Promotion Committee
• 创意产业推动工作委员会 Creativity Industry Committee
• 品牌发展战略工作委员会 Brand Development Strategy Committee
• 教育培训工作委员会 Education &Training Committee
• 自律工作委员会 Self-Discipline Committee
• 法律工作委员会 Legal Working Committee
• 《国际品牌观察》杂志社 Global Brand Insight Magazine
• IAI国际广告研究所 IAI International Advertising Institute
• BBI商务品牌战略研究所 BBI Business Brand Institute